Angela is a senior lecturer and discipline coordinator in sociology and course coordinator for the BA Honours program at Charles Sturt University (CSU) in Wagga Wagga NSW Australia. Born and raised in New York City, she completed a PhD (Sociology) and two Masters (Sociology and Science & Technology Studies) degrees at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA and a BA (Honours, Psychology) from St Francis College in Brooklyn NY. Prior to academia Angela worked at JP Morgan, the United Nations Children’s Fund and several law firms. Having taught sociology, psychology, politics and science and technology studies at the university-level since 1997, she migrated to Australia in 2002 and has since been employed at four Australian universities (CSU, Griffith, University of New England, Queensland University of Technology). Recently Angela completed writing a textbook, Writing for the Social Sciences for Pearson Education, judged the 2010 international teaching with Sakai innovation award, received two Institute for Land, Water & Society research fellowships, became chair of the campus environmental committee and received a wide range of internal and external grants. As supervisor of several honours and postgraduate students and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Rural Society, she has extensive writing and editing experience. Angela serves on the editorial board of three international social science journals in communication, management and sociology, has reviewed four undergraduate textbooks and authored over 30 academic publications. Her 2010 edited book, Interaction & Communication Technologies and Virtual Learning Environments: Human Factors highlights her interest in communication and higher education and her research publications focusing on social inequality, population and cultural change, environmentalism, consumerism, gender and sexuality and the media evidence her scholarship in social change. Presently, she is examining how geography affects life satisfaction amongst ‘tree changers’ and the dynamic relationship between the well-being of people and places.